About URBO


URBO is an innovative software company focused on the development of mobile applications for businesses, which sell their products and services online.

Our technology is intended to capture new, more collaborative forms of creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services that are being enabled by new technological platforms.




URBO is the linking unit between customers, mobile payment providers and retailers, who sell online.

     URBO operates a service neutral approach whereby we have integrated over 15+ suppliers with an ever increasing product portfolio.

URBO experience in global jurisdictions and regulated markets means that we can meet your requirements and timeline in any market deploying on our hardware or yours.

URBO’s solutions are tried and tested products through some of the largest operators in the industry.




We offer creative solutions under the form of a mobile applications for some of the following sectors and businesses:





Urbo is an urban mobility platform designed to unite public services across cities in one mobile application. URBO’s main features include :

Mobile ticketing for public transport;

Mobile Parking for various zones;

Real-time information for any aspect of the city.

The app’s integration with a mobile wallet, allows easy and convenient payments to be made by the end customers.



An essential travel guide and planning tool helping visitors make the most of their visit to the city. The product is available for purchase online and through mobile application.

The CityPass offers various benefits for the municipality, as well, including information about the visitors behaviour and profile.



URBO has ensured that we can meet our clients requirements in any set-up that they require.

We offer a white-label solution whereby URBO will cover all operational aspects of your set-up to allow you to focus on driving your business forward.

We also understand the importance of your users’ database which is why we provide you with relevant analytics and we protect your database integrity.

White Label Key Points

  • Stand-alone set-up with option to move to turnkey solution without additional costs
  • User’s database owned by client
  • Users’ analytics
  • Historically low time to market
  • Multiple registration currency/language set-up
  • A wide variety of mobile payment providers